I love me.
I celebrate me.  Everyday.
I want to be me.
I laugh at me.
I fascinate me.
I entertain me.
I never cease to amaze me.
I DELIGHT in me.  In all of my ways.
I underestimate me.
I cry at me.
I terrify me.

I wonder why I am.



Last week Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color,
unveiled the Color of the Year Image2014 to be the delectable
Radiant Orchid.
Get the full color report here: FASHION COLOR REPORT SPRING 2014

This is exciting.  And not just because any color with the word ‘radiant’ in front of it MUST be exciting, but because it is COLOR!
In it’s press release, Pantone describes the color as such: “Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health”.
Purples are royal.  They are sexy.  And we are ready!

ImageWhile Emerald, the Color of the Year 2013, is still going strong in the mainstream–as evidenced in this picture of
the First Lady’s stunning
Holiday Party attire (bet you
didn’t know emerald is an
equal blend of blue and green)
–we are looking forward to 2014,
Radiant Orchid and all things
Cayenne, Dazzling Blue, Freesia
and much more!



Look familiar?  The picture below is an enhanced Quadrant from Robert Kiyosaki’s popular book, CASHFlOW Quadrant.  Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant reveals how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and learn to become financially free.  Granted, not everyone cares about being financially free, but for those of us who are breathing, this is a great read.

ImageNow I know everyone and their mother has done the “Robert Kiyosaki CASHFLOW Quadrant Post”, but we all get something different from the same information.  What I got from this Bible for Entrepreneurs is working harder means working smarter.

Working smarter means you may have to wait to see some fruit.  Most people don’t want to wait.  I don’t want to wait!  Waiting requires investing.  Most people aren’t willing to invest ANYTHING–time, resources, effort, EDUCATION–to get what they want.  These people are stuck.
On the left side of that quadrant.
Everyday, people perish from a lack of vision.  They can’t imagine success after failure or effectively applying what they have learned or the concept of Reaping and Sowing.
But we can not  base our actions on what we have to give up;  we have to act based on what is possible.
Whenever I speak with someone that I think has an entrepreneurial spirit, we go through the quadrant to see where they are and, where they think they would like to be:  cashflow-quadrant

  1. An Employee is a slave to time, money and man
  2. A person that is Self-Employed has to answer to time and money
  3. The Business Owner OWNS his business and time is his slave
  4. An investor owns his time and money is his slave

We like this second picture a lot better.   We believe the only losers are the ones allowing fear to keep them in the wrong quadrant.  Where are YOU?




The unseasonably cold weather this morning reminded me that it is time for change.  A change in my skincare regimen.  It doesn’t matter your skin type, tone or texture, in this instance, Mother Nature rules!

  1. The Fall Tilt.  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, with the occurrence of the Autumnal Equinox the earth begins it’s tilt away from the sun.  For you and me that means less sun and less Vitamin D–which is essential to skin health.  Supplement!
  2. Forced Air.  Forced heat is one of the most drying elements on the skin.  The air is already less humid in the fall and to top that off, we are exposed to forced heat on a daily basis after a certain time.  (BTW–one of the most obvious signs the air in your house is too dry is the presence of static electricity.)  Make sure your heater has a humidifier attached; turn your heat down as low as you can at night (your body’s recovery period), drink more water and try a humectant based moisturizer.
  3. Change of Diet.  In the summer we have lots of juicy fruits and veggies that are loaded with water and nutrients.  It the fall/winter, not so much.  Be mindful of your diet.  Incorporate foods that have more water content.  Try nutrient based facials.  A humectant based skin reviver is awesome for the season!

The change of seasons is always beautiful.   Adapting your skin care regimen will keep your skin looking it’s best.




Photos Courtesy of Fashion Fair Cosmetics

We found these gorgeous pictures on the Facebook page for Fashion Fair Cosmetics.  We love the use of warm colors and cool colors on the same model to demonstrate the power of undertones.

Undertone is EVERYTHING.  It can be the difference between looking DEAD and looking SCRUMPTIOUS.  If you get it wrong, unless you are a professional, no amount of makeup you put on your face can correct it.  Yes, it is THAT serious.

So, what do you think?  I’m sure you can tell which picture is warm and which is cold, so we won’t go there.  Both pictures are beautiful, but which one really stands out?

Warmth CLEARLY dominates this model’s undertone.  The cool purples don’t look bad, but the oranges and the browns and the tans definitely enhance her look, which is EXACTLY what makeup is for.  I am certain both pictures sold a bunch of makeup for the company, but warm is the undeniable winner in this contest.

So, how would the average woman know how to determine her undertone and best enhance her look?  Start here:

  • Look (objectively) at what jewelry you look best in: silver tones or gold tones.  We all have our favorites, but look closely to see which tones actually look great against your skin.
  • Listen for compliments.  If you wear a color that gets you a bunch of compliments, it is more than likely a good match with your undertone.
  • Check your veins.  Blue is cool.  Green is warm.

Keep in mind that undertones can range anywhere from red hot to neutral to ice cold, with all sorts of warm and cool tones in between.  I figure this out for my clients professionally, but my advice to most people is to have fun with it  and use a trial and error method.

Remember–it’s not work, it’s Makeup!


3 Quick Summer Skin Tips


In this Order:

Peel–Keeping your skin properly exfoliated will get rid of toxins we’re more exposed to in the summer and help to keep that summer glow.

Moisturize–Take advantage of the humidity in the summer by using a humectant during the day to attract moisture and a light moisturizer at night to seal in the  moisture inside.

Protect–Use a safe and effective sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays.  Otherwise, U Vill Age and U Vill Burn.



We heard one of the best quotes ever this week on a conference call with motivational speaker, Les Brown.
His host, Wade Randolph, proclaimed:

“In this life you are either valuable or you are expendable.”

He probably isn’t the first person to say this, but, WOW! Can you imagine???

It is either:
Give or Take
Love or Hate
Do or die

Life is precious, Baby; Love is so real.

Don’t be expendable.